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Tri tip

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While the camera batteries are charging...
I am injecting a small tri with some passion fruit juice. I am still working on the rub, it will involve some smitty's and garlic mashed into a paste..not sure of the ratio yet tho...I do have some jd chips left and i am going to throw those on with it.....This time I will get the q-vue!!
perhaps some pig candy too?
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Can ya use too much garlic?
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That smoker of yours is might busy today, Goddess!!! Can't wait to see some pics .. hope you're able to sit down to watch the swimming finals tonight!!!

Go Phelps and Team USA!!!
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You know it sista!!! I can't WAIT!!
From one swimmer family to another huh!
GO MICHEAL!!! 8 is the number, we love that number!!
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Cant wait to see how the injection turns out. I have a couple tri-tips in the smoker as I type. Never injected them before though.
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That tri tip should win the gold I'm thinkin !
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I stole a bunch on sale from smart and final!!!

hey fb did you sear them? or just toss them on?
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Let absorb the rub that I applied this morning at midnight, and wrapped in saran wrap, then into the smoker, No searing. I am trying a lower temp with this batch, I usually do them at 250*, but want to see how they come out at 225*
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cant wait to see your qview, sounds good, mebe u already know this but smash that garlic under heavy knife blade and put some kosher salt on the smashed garlic and again with the knife with down pressure on the side move it back an forth over the garlic and let the salt crystals grind the garlic into the paste your lookin for.
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Sounds good Goddess. What is Smitty's? I bought an injector, but I have never used it. What kind of meats do you inject and what do you use, if you dont mind me asking. Looking forward to the qview.
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what size tips did you get. How long does it usually take to smoke em. Mine been pretty small (2- 2 1/2 #) and usally finish in 3 hours at 140-145 degrees
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MIne just finished up, I didnt like the way they turned out at 225. I will stick with the 250 temp. Maybe sear them next time too
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Sounds great. Looking forward to the results
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soooo I ran to the store....

If you were in chat last night, you knowthe story...
anyhow, I had left the tri tip out on thecounter when I went to the races alst night..not intentionally...anyhow we hade the whole does it smell, is it slimey conversation...lf I have to smell it i usually toss it...but I really did not want to toss my tri tip..
so after reading fb post I decided to go and pick up another tri to a. check the smell, b. i could then do one seared and one not..so I ran to the store...they had tri at 6.99 a lb OMG! 18.45 for this tip...just to smell it! anyhow got it home and it smelled the same as the one I left on the counter.. i hate the smell of raw meat..eweeeee, I have been since told I need to get used to it and smell all my meat....so I know the good from the bad......
the beauty is I have two wonderful tris on the smoker...with some piggy candy...going on right now....

here they are the one on the left is the "counter tri" injected and rubbed no sear, the one on the right is injected and seared

on the smoker....getting happy

and my helper who was begging me to shoot her picture ~

more to follow....thanks for checking my q-vue!!
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Looking good. Your helper's a cuty pie. Looking forward to seeing the results.
I understand what you mean about having to smell rotton food.
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probably never...hummmm let me think on that one Gene lol!!
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Sir E
I am an old fashioned girl and use a motar and pestal to make my paste (yes with chopped gaaahlic and salt) I will have to try it with a knife next time I am out cooking at someone elses casa...thx for the tip....
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cant wait to see!!!! ur curly top is a lil cutie. specially with that smile!!!
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Great looking tips so far Chef Kel! Definitely awaiting the final pics on those. Your lil' helper is definitely a curly-que that can bar-be-que!!
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Smittys is a drug on here that Richtee deals!
it is a blend of chili poweders that if one is a chili head, one must have to sustain life....I have only injected poultry up till today...so we will see together what happens!
I did notice that the tri that I seared "plumped" up a lot after the sear, and it was very pliable, kinda like dough..i fould it a bit strange, I can only think it was cuz the injection was now seared in there...??
who knows...I am going to be looking fwd to this weeks sammies at work for sure... I just got a cleam bill of health from the dr. I am thinking I have lots more read meat to eat!! oh la la!!!
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