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approx time for chicken?

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I'm thinking about maybe doing a chicken or two tomorrow ... what's the approximate time for smoking a bird? I realize it'll depend on weight and whatnot, but a ballpark idea would be nice so that I'm not eating at 3:00 AM!
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An advocate of smoke to temp, not time, but if it was me, I'd plan of about 4 hours of smokin time. Build in an extra hour for wiggle room.
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Looking for about 170 in the breast, right?
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Depending on size and temp of smoker, 3 -4 hours just my HO though.
I would go no more than 165" and foil.
Good luck.
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Heres a link for some estimated times and temps
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Hey Mc,
Time not temp. I am tempted to say 4 that smoked? indirect heat? what size bird? theses are all variables...
smoke to temp not .02
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I like to rinse my bird in hot water and then dry it before I put it the smoker. Cuts down on some time.Small whole fryers....about 3 hrs.
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