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Fresh char in Round Rock, TX

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Hey all,

Short time reader, first time poster :)

I'm a newb in Round Rock, and herein lie my stats:

31yrs old
El Cheapo Brinkmann electric (2 months old :) )
Wood chunks and chips from H-E-B

Cooked so far:
- 2 butts (pulled pork), 1 in progress. 1st was passable, 2nd was succulent,
3rd yet to determine (see my "Help save my butt" in the Pork section for an example of a newb freaking out for probably no good reason ;-) ). ALL are/will be finished with Jeff's finishing sauce. They should just package it with the butts at the store, it's a crime not to use it!
- 10 racks of ribs at various times (all have been great, all done using random rubs and 3-2-1)
- some chicken breasts (boneless/skinless); good taste but quite easy to dry out

I'm going from a man who could barely light a charcoal fire to being "the" smoker of the neighborhood. So far, taste tastes pick my ribs best out of those done this summer, so I'm a defending champion!

Thanks to all for the invaluable archive of hints, tips, and success stories. I have some qview pics but they're on my other laptop which is currently out of operation, so I'll retrieve them later.

Here's to a bunch more success for all of us!

(I don't know if I'm allowed to post links yet, but I also heavily use kick a$$ bbq . com because of their "for dummies" style and dry wit ;-) )

Richard in Round Rock
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Welcome to the Site Richard
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welcome. Sounds like your well on your way!
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welcome to smf!!! maybe ck ou the free ecourse, also jeffs rub n sauce are pretty good!!! share some smokes with qview!!!
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Welcome to the forum. You will learn alot here.
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Welcome to SMF yes you will learn a lot. great people here to help
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Welcome to the SMF Richard. As long as you dont post Jeff's Rub and Sauce recipe, I think pretty much anything's O.K. Funny how when you get hooked on something you quickly become an expert. I think its great that because of a site like SMF, we can learn so much in such a short period of time. I sure know that's how it worked for me. I only started smoking in Feb. this year. Never lit charcoal before that-- always gas. Look forward to some pics of your next smoke.
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Welcome to the world of smoke Richard..If you wanna know just ask..Glad you joined us.
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Welcome Richard!
happy smokes!!
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Welcome aboard brother !
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