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First Rib Smoke

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I am into my 2nd smoke. I worked out a lot of kinks last week with a chicken. Anyway I have a rack of BB ribs and a rack of spare. I rubbed them last night and put them in just now. Im using hickory for smoke and was thinking of spraying them with apple juice as I have read on here. Waiting for the rub to set first. Is the apple juice a good idea. I read it on here. Also any other tips anyone would like to pass along I would appreciate. Im not going with the 321 method. Just straight smoke. Temp looks steady at 240ish.
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Yep, only do the 2-2-1 or even 2-1.5-1 for baby backs. Depends on how meaty they are, but they do not need the time spares do. The apple juice is nothing more than a marinade to keep the meat moist. I do a 50/50 mix with apple cider vinegar. Good luck and where's the pics??
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I would do the apple juice spritz for sure if your not going to foil them at all.
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A few pics of my rookie setup. I guess I had to create a photobucket account if I want to hang around here.

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Only think that looks rookie about your set up is it all looks new! Ribs looking great. What time should I stop by?
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hell to rochester? I think you better get on your way. Im 2hrs in. Personally I might skip this one.
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Nice job there, on both the ribs and your set up.
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