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Love the ABT's. Glad I found this que site. These ABT pics are making me hungry. I usually do mine whole and core out the inside. I like to mix Chive and Onion Cream Cheese, Mexican Four Blend Cheese, and Tony Chachere's Seasoning. I put in a pastry bag, fill the whole jalapeno's and put a half a slice of bacon over the top. Man they are good. My brother has a plasma cutter and is a welder, so he made me a bunch of pepper holders. I've cooked them so many times, but never really took pics of my rack full. Here are some, but not the best.
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hey cajun nice lookin rack...PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
and the peppers look good too.....
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Thanks Doc. I am trying to get my brother to market these racks. Think there would be a big demand for them. I saw some on the web and they want 30.00 for an 18 holder rack. I think I am heading to the store to make some ABT's tonight.
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I always cut them in two, that way I have twice as much biggrin.gif
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Rack and ABT's look great.
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