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Wet or Dry chunks?

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Are you guys/gals mostly soaking wood chips for smoking?

I found some Weber chunks from True Value that I like. If they are not wet, they are one hell of a heat source, but still kind of smokey...when used pre soaked for about an hour they produce pretty lasting smoke.

Any advice on the topic?
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Personally I perfer to use my wood chips or chunks dry. Some people say they've had problems with them catching on fire, but I've yet to run into that issue.

I've used soaked wood before, but didn't feel like I was getting the smoke and flavor I wanted. But that's my personal opinion.
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Mine dry too, if you don't put the chunks on the heat source they won't catch fire. I make a little clearing on the opposite side of my fuel in my charcoal basket and set them there, no fire!
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What she said!
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I don't see how the wood will smoke if it is not basically catching fire? I have been putting the wood chips and/or chunks directly on the heat source. It is thicker smoke, most likely not the TBS that everyone seems to desire, but provides ample flavor for myself so far.
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Mine used dry, set on the heat source, definitely make a new, hotter heat source.
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