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So I decided I needed a fatty. Marinated some chicken overnight in my favorite fajita marinade. Cut it up and sauteed it with some onion and green pepper. So far so good. As I let that cool, I get the smoker ready. Come back in, roll out my sausage (1lb JD original). Put down some Mexican cheese blend, then the chicken, peppers and onions. Then some more cheese. biggrin.gif Then just a bit of my favorite salsa. Get it all rolled up and wrapped with bacon. Was the worst roll yet of the (only) 3 that I have done. No biggie, I'lll survive.

Get it into the smoker at around 225* and go out front with my oldest son to take pics of some motorcycle parts my husband wants to get rid of (anyone need a helmet or some exhaust pipes or some handlebars?) Get those done and go to check on my smoke and it is almost at 400*!!! What the heck?!?!?!?

Oh yea, that silly old water pan. I forgot to put that ineek.gif . So it's now in and temp is back down. BUt bacon looks a little well done to say the least.

I did take some pics but my computer is down (using my son's) and well I don't want my stuff on his computer (and I'm sure he doesn't either). So maybe I can post them from work tomorrow. (Unless I can talk dh into fixing the computer tonight).
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Sounds like you got a rough start, good luck on getting it all straightened out.
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Sorry, but it'll get easier.
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Nothing wrong with crispy bacon, how did the fattie turn out? If it wasn't at 400° for a long time it probably came out alright.
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So-so. I took what I didn't "sample" up to my sister and parents. They said it was good. But my mom loves me and would never tell me different. biggrin.gif I think next time I need to use something in addition to or in replace of the sausage. While I am a sausage fan it's almost too "sausagey" (is that a word?) for my liking. I have seen alot of others that use ground beef, turkey, Italian sausage and the likes. Just need to decide which to try.
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Heck try them all then you can do side by side comparisons and eat good in the process biggrin.gif
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MrsB...........try this rocks, if any of you need to clean out the garge, and get rid of stuff, or even ask for stuff...........

find you local group......your home town, and you can offer up stuff, just to get rid of it..........keeps stuff outta the landfills............its a GREEN site..............
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I posted all my stuff on craigslist and have already gotten rid of most of it. This afternoon I posted 2 free lawn tractors (needed a bit of work) and my husband had almost 30 calls in 18 minutes. He called me and said "Delete that post NOW!!!" So needless to say that is gone too. i definitely hate putting stuff out for trash that still has good life in it. Luckily most of my kids stuff I can pass down to nieces, nephews, cousins. Try to do my part as much as possible. I will check out that site though. never know, might find something I must have. Thanks Dude!
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