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Probably already asked and answered

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My first post here and looking for an opinion on smoking a brisket and a whole turkey on two levels of a water smoker (Brinkman smok'n/grill) converted to gas from charcoal. The brisket is about 6# and the bird is about 11#. In the past I have put the turkey below and the brisket above and am using apple wood for the smoke. Main question is I never brined a bird before and just looking for pro's and cons of whether to brine or not. This time I'm using a fairly peppery rub on the brisket and a pretty basic rub on the bird.

Thanks for your thoughts,
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Brine, brine, brine...keeps the bird from drying out and adds nice flavor.
Make sure the bird is below the brisket. Don't want birt juices falling on a brisket that won't be brought up to the same temp.
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always brine

Once you brine poultry you will probably do it everytime. You can use the brining time to add flavor also. Time in brine depends on size of bird and how strong a brine mixture you make. Usually I brine over night and rinse and cook the bird the next day. You can brine in advance, rinse, and let the bird sit in the fridge for a while. I have read that the longer it sits after brining the crispier you can get the skin. Crispy skin depends on cook temp and what you are using on the outside. Have fun.
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What they said. And please stop into the Roll Call Forum and introduce yourself. We're nosy ;{)
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I'm in the minority on this one but I don't brine and have never had a dry bird.

One issue that comes to mind is if you want the skin to crisp up you need your cooking temp between 270o and 300o and that might be a little hot for the brisket. If you don't care about the skin then have at it @ 250o and as stated before bird below the beef.

But whatever you do enjoy your time smoking!
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You could of said bird droppings LOL
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She said it best
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Lou, I no longer brine my chicken either as I think it is great just smoked to 170 internal. (brine is easy to do no doubt though) I have run it to the higher temps you mention and have also coated it in mayo to get the skin crisp. That works, too.
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Ditto Sheepdog and CinCK
Brine, brine, brine..and btw Sheepdog, thanks for that "sheepdog" post awesome, just awesome! Thank you for your service!
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