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Brisket Question

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Doing my forst B risket Today. I have a 3.3# flat ready to go on. What temp do I want to shoot for and how long of an estimate besides "It Depends"

I will post q-view as it progresses.
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You slicing or pulling it?
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BTW in the box on the left of the main forums page is this:
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Gonna be slicing......smoke to 170 then wrap til 190-195.

Just trying to get a feeling for time cause the meat will be done when it's ready.....icon_smile.gif
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Yer a bit high on temp there Alamar- check out the chart.
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OK based on the temp/time goes on at noon

Thanks Ritchie!!!!
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The 1 1/2 hour per pound estimate seems to be right. 5 hours or so ought to do it. What's the smoker temp??
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oops....wrong line still it goes on at noon set the thermo for 170 then pull, wrap, back in and wait.
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Don't forget the rest time after 180- it's important in that some of the juices will be re-absorbed by the meat during the rest. Leave it wrapped, and wrap in a towel on the counter for a 15-30 min. or so.
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Good luck with your brisket smoke. Remember not to go by the watch as anything can happen when it's cooking low-n-slow. As long as your smoker temps are good, and your thermometer is calibrated correctly your brisket will be done when the temp says it's done PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif and it will sure be worth the wait!

Hope to see some pics!
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