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I actually thought about that. Thinking just a mess of bright green lettuce leaves. I just gots no more energy left for too much pretty!

Many thanks Gene!

Ribs got a good splash of Mojo as they went to the foil

The pigs, my good people, are done! Off to buy platters as soon as I jump in teh pool to rinse some of the ode de hickoroak off. Might wear a hat too...

Happy Pig No. 1

And his Minion with Jerry's hand-hold

At least an hour left for the chicken, and about that for the ribs, then I get to pull pork!
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To do all that on a new grill, granted it is a Lang, but still. Man you have my respect and points. Can't wait to see final qview.
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That's one heckuva maiden voyage. Looks great! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Wow, that is jumping in big-time with a new rig! Nice work.
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Everything looks great but I'm waiting to hear about the pig platters and your thoughts on the new smoker and how it all came out. I KNOW you had to taste a little
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This is unreal, I never seen anyone jump into a new smoker with so much confidence and..........................such excellent results!!!


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They Won't Let Me Give Points---are They Jealous???????????????????
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I definitely second that sentiment, way to go Ken!!! I'm truely impressed by the amount of meat your smoking on that beast of a Lang (great score by the way!). Those pigs look awesome, wonder how the "freshness" of the meat will taste vs the stuff from the market.

Points are coming from your east coast friend! Major props Sir!!
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Geesh, I've got to wait longer to give points to ya ... here are some verbal ones instead POINTS !!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Beautiful job seboke, Points given to a well deserved recipient
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What a busy guy you are. Awesome smoke. Points for sure.
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Awesome smoke seboke!!! You and that Lang make a good pair icon_smile.gif.
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An unbelievable job, managing all that meat.

You got points!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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well my friend, you have done yourself well. I am not suprised. The Lang does make it a little easy to be a good pit master, but the food is only as good as the cook and his/her effort. Everything looks awesome, and I am sure you are happy with the results. probably sleeping by now or losing yur *** in poker, but this smoke just shows what a winner you really are.
Excellent effort,planning and end result. You get my vote for" Smoker of the week".

Speaking of that, I think its high time we have an award on that scale for those who take the time to contribute wonderful and informative Q-views through the week. I know the mods have alot to do already, but if there was a way to list" smoker of the week" we should figure out a way to give those who go the extra mile some type of Kudos. It doesn't have to be a huge smoke as Seboke has done, but an adventurous one, or one that no one else has done, or one that has been done in extreme conditions, or a wonderful story...ect. It may be hard to judge wich one would be the"smoker of the week", but I bet we could come up with a way. Just a thought.

Anyways Ken, you have taken the bull/pig by the horns/hams and exceided the limits of reasonable thinking. You are for a moment, my hero!

How much fun is it to watch a person go from newbie to experienced smoker, to having the knowledge and the smoker to be a respectable member/ and mentor to this site. Its a ton of fun. Congrats buddy.

You have now inherited the hugest butcher bill in your part of the nation!icon_smile.gif

High fives to you Seboke, the brotherhood of Lang, lives on!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I second that idea. And I definetly agree that Seboke should be the inaugrial (sp) member.
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Mighty fine meat Seboke.
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wow is all i can say.....oh and points fer you!
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Job well done sebokePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I'm with capt dan you are my hero this week..congrats and if I could I would give you points..don't know what level you have to get to but again job WELL DONEPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sorry gang for not being able to finish the post yesterday. I was hauling a$$ to hit the road to get the food delivered on time. Party time was 5:00, I said I'd be there at not later than 4:30 to get set up. It's now 4:00 and I'm ready to roll for the 20 minute drive. SAUCE! Forgot the friggin sauce! Ran in and and whipped up a batch of Jeff's sauce, and SFQ's finishing sauce. Got there at 4:55, jumped right into pulling the butt and slicing the brisket. Sorry, no pics, but a friend at the party took some of everything ready to serve, I'll get those on Monday unless he emailed them to me (said he would...)

As the pigs were getting close to coming off, I didn't have anything big enough to use as a platter. Off to my very local Target. No luck. Then to the not so local Walmart. no luck. Finally found a couple *almost* big enough at Linens & Things, with good luck finding them at half off!

The pigs plattered up. Was going to garnish the platter up with a bunch of lettuce, but my botching the sauce prep took my grocery store time away.

The chicken quarters came out just perfect. 2/3 of these I kept!

All the beef ribs were for me too. SOOOOOO good!

I'll have pics of the pulled butts and the sliced brisket in a bit.

Want to say thanks to everyone for the great remarks you all posted, especially to Capt Dan. I had a blast doing this smoke, and received outstanding compliments from everyone at both parties I attended yesterday. Pineywoods, the pigs you provided were a SUPER hit! Extra thanks to you too! Even got two more catering offers from guests with half dozen or so asking me if I had a business card.

I can say I'm glad that I got my butt kicked on the poker table last night. It got me to bed "early". The only sleep I had since waking up Friday was a 20 minute nap in the pool. I got 10 hours of sleep last night.
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Nice looking meal Seboke PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif The color on those ribs are outstanding. I see business cards in your future for your next smoke. Congrats!! wink.gif
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