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First Two Butts

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I just threw on my first two butts. Wish me luck! A picture of the presmoked butts is below. I will try to post pictures of the finished product.

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Are you using a mopping sauce?
Butts are sooooo YUMMY!! wait for the plateau...don't bump up the temp, they can very a lot...just wait...cook by temp not by time!!
Can't wait to see the end result!
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Thanks, Goddess. I am not planning on using a mopping sauce. Should I use one? I am going to follow Meowey's instructions on the "Basic Pulled Pork." This will be my first all nighter.
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What is a good temp to cook a butt to?? It seems everytime I have done one that it needs to cook just a little longer to make it more tender, that I have tried to actually pull one apart instead of making it into slices and it does not tend to pull apart very well..
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I was told the temp needs to be 200 for pulled pork and a little less if you want to slice it.
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Every time I do a butt, I use the finishing sauce for the mop every time I add fuel to my smoker...
I am still a newbe, I am assuming it is a "mop" sauce when you baste with it during smoking, and a finishing saucer when you serve it with your finished que...

This is from Meoweys fantastic pulled pork post:
I serve my pulled pork with my sauce(s) of choice on the side. I will add some of SoFlaQuers finishing sauce (another sticky here in the pork forum) to the pork just after I’ve shredded it. My personal favorite way to eat it is on a cheap white bun (CWB) with a little BBQ slaw right on the pork in the sandwich.

Here is the recipe from SoFlaQuersThe Finishing Sauce :

1 Cup Cider Vinegar
2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
1 Teaspoon Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning
1 Teaspoon Course Black Pepper
1 Teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes

I always mop my butts and brisket....I think they come out juicer...imho

happy smokes!!
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yes that is correct - if y ou look to the left of the page there is a cheat sheet for temps and times by meat and by pulling or slicing..
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Use the finishing sauce, its unreal
post #9 of 13 goes the battle?? Need a coffee? |_|O
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First one just reached 200. I pulled it and wraped it foil and all in an old towel to let it rest. The second one is at 197. I'll be pulling that one shortly. I'l send pictures and a full report after a little rest.
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Butt number 2 has been pulled and wrapped! It smells great! Pictures coming....biggrin.gif
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Everything came out great! Delicious!!

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Great job Andy. Congrats and enjoy it!
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