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thermometer question

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i currently have two 8lb pork shoulders on my smoker, overnight so they are ready first thing in the morning. I am using a taylor 1470 for the first time. on the read out it shows the "thermo temp" as "LO" instead of an actual number. is this normal?
i have looked online everywhere i can think of to find troubleshooting or a FAQ for the Taylor thermometers but have found nothing. any help is always appreciated!!
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My digital remote isn't a Taylor, but it will display "Lo" if plug on the probe pulls out or gets moisture on it. All I have had to do is unplug it wipe it off and plug it back in. If not that you may have pinched the probe cable and broken a conducter in the cable.
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I have 2 Taylor 1470s (love them by the way) and no this is not normal. Mine have done that from time to time and what I do is turn the thermo off, unplug the probe, make sure the connector is clean, plug it back in and turn the thermo back on. Pretty much what AWilliams said. wink.gif

Hope this works for you.

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You might want to try switching fresh batteries.
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