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anybody try?

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Had boht sets of parents over for ribss ( made both baby back and st louis ).Everything was execellent ( used 3-2-1-,2-2-1).had a bit of a time with controlling the heat,and things carmalized a bit soon. Very Good none the less!
However,the leftovers today had soo much more smoky flavor ( I notice this w/all I smoke and always prefer leftovers).These were a little too dry though
Has any tried smoking ribs one day ( to let the smoke set in )and finishing the next?
If so,how long and method!
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I dont know of any method to it, but my wife my likes just about all the BBQ a day or even two after the fact. Not me though, I lprefer it fresh.
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I have run into situations that require reheating ribs. Try doing the 3-2 and 2-2 part and then reheat (and sauce if that is what you do) before serving. I've yet to have a complaint.
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