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anyone ever make one...........i am going to have TONS of chili's and peppers..........i googled it, but it would help if any one here has done one.......

like RICHO?
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you need to thread them before they dry then hang them and let nature dry them out for you.
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As far as I know MOVING air is also very helpful.
Say a screen porch w a ceiling fan.
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I use a needle and thread, string them and hang em up. IMO it's better if the peppers do not touch, they dry quicker. After they dry a bit, then it doesn't matter as much if they are touching.
That's just how I do them.
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Well WD, Cowgirl and Coyote are saying the same thing I would have said. It's all good!
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everything i have found, googling it, ristras, the peppers touch each other
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I'm sure they work fine touching. I just like to speed the process and make sure they are dried through before letting them touch...just me.
Seems like they stay damp longer where touching.
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but they PRETTY that way..........silly gurl.... biggrin.gif
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You can scrunch them together to make them pretty after they dry...silly boy.biggrin.gif
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Hey WD, I do them every year with cayennes. Just string them through the stems with needle and thread then hang in a ventilated area. Moving air is important, as they will mold in stagnant air. I drop them in the food processor the following year and put them in a shaker.
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wd,, these things are normally done in a very dry climate. I do not know how well it would work in a more humid area. the ones around the time they are dry you can not tell what color they are as they are so full of dust..does not seem to hurt any thing ..just rinse them of.
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sounds like alot of werk curlygurl
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