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Let's Get It On!

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Hi All,

I've been poking around the forum for awhile and finally decided to post.

I'm a former Marine from Peculiar MO (I used to love Jack Stack in Martin City), now living in Boston. I am new to smoking but have jumped right in with a couple of pork butt's, turkey breast & whole chicken.

A couple of months ago I built my own smoker out of materials I found on my property. (we just moved in, in Nov.) Built mostly out of congrete blocks & a wheel barrel cut in half to serve as a lid...very primitive, low to the ground, but always kept the perfect temp. I had to start somewhere as the wife would not let me get a smoker...she's a M******* & they just dont know what they have been missing.....

.....well no she does & bought me a Brinkmann verticle it's time to get it on like donkey kong!!!

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Welcome to SMF Cheyman. You found a great place to learn the art of smoking meats. You'll have to hook up with PeculiarMike, another Peculiar individual with a smoking habit.

Looking forward to your posts.
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welcome to de club..enjoy your self..and your twoi smokersa ..lot of info here.
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Welcome, it's a great play to stay and play!biggrin.gif
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Glad you came out od the shadows and got in the limelight of the SMF. How about some pics of your homemade smoker? Sounds interesting.
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Welcome to SMF cheyman! like richoso said let's see some pics of that "we smoke..use anything". lol you should see my place...some would think a metle graveyard--i think place to create. smoke is smoke gald you shared.
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Here's a quick pic of my primitive smoker...the blocks on the side slide for better air flow if needed. The front block moves out of the way to get to the fire & the lid (the 2 peices are not attached) is sprayed with white high heat paint. total cost: $0.00. I'll try to get a couple better & inside pics shortly.
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Rather ingenius!
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welcome aboard, i think you'll enjoy the place
and learn quite a bit along the way
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Welcome aboard, You'll fit right in here!cool.gif
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Welcome to the SMF. Nice set-up.
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Really like that setup!! Use what ya got & make it work. Nice job!
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Greetings Cheyman!
Congrats on your not so "primative" smoker!
Happy Smokes!
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Ok here's a couple better pics of my homeade smoker. Nothing fancy!

I would stoke my fire by moving this fancy square block.

With the lid open. I used a cheap grate (not pictured) I got from Wally World.
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Gives me some ideas though!! I want to build something for a pig roast - just have ta make somethin alittle bigger. Don't want anythin fancy. Rather spend more time cookin than buildin.
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