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Modifying Any Smoker

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I do not mind adding modification to a smoker and most of the time I enjoy it. My question is, do you think the manufacturers would be interested in how to produce and sell their product to be more user friendly also?

Seems to me a majority of the modifications I see listed would make the product more saleable.....
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I'm in arrement with you MossyMo. I also think that it may be of concern to them as how much to pay some engineers to design, not to mention possible retooling. Bottome line.... it might cost them $$$ that they might not recover so quickly?
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Isn't there one on the market that has the mods installed from factory? something sold as an exclusive from one of the chain stores. I can't think of the name, but its supposed to be the best thing since sliced brisket... (*takes some of the fun of tinkering out of the whole thing in my humble opinion...) PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

EDIT: got it - its the Bar-B-Chef @ Barbecues Galore. You know you'd still have to mess with it, to me seems like extra money spent for no good reason, althiough the steel guage is nice and thick, so not sure. I'd have to see one in person.
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