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big c

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New to smoking with two cooks under my belt , brisket was great and ribs were not . I am from Heber Springs Arkansas but live in Fresno California and work for Disney . I race dirt bikes and like to ride road bikes also . This looks like my new sunday activity and i want to get good at this . I am looking for someone to give me the name of a great quality smoker , I want to upgrade right away , the 40 dollar brinkman needs to go . I am not to concerened about price .
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Build your own drum smoker. So easy a locksmith could do it. ( me ) it will out perform most smokers on the market for less than $100. Go to charcoal smoker forum and do search on ' ugly drum smoker '.
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Welcome to the forum. Chargrillers seem pretty popular,check them out and welcome again.
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For under $200 the chargriller smokin pro or the outlaw are both great smokers. Outlaw is the same but with a larger cooking area. With a few mods they cook as good as anything out there. I plan on having one soon.
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I love my Chargriller Smokin' Pro. If it broke tomorrow I would buy another.
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Welcome coxc to the SMF.
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I'd not toss the ECB. They HAVE their uses! Get a charcoal basket for it... cheap. HUGE improvement. Those Char-grillers are nice especially for the $. Or don't mess around if cash don't matter...look for a small Lang :{) WHEE!
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Welcome Coxc, to the SMF. If you practice you'll get progressively better. As for up-grade, what do you want ? Gasser?Coalburner? Wood?Check out Webber, Klose, Tejas,Brinkmann Etc. Make it a project to search and compare. You should see what you want in notime at all.
Good luck and keep it hot!
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Welcome big c. You might want to check out the 5-Day eCourse. Lot's of info and it's free
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Welcome to the SMF. If cash don't matter and you don't need a ton of space, get an XL Big Green Egg. Or a Lang or a Backwoods or a.....
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Hello and welcome to the best smokin' site on Mother Earth. Don't give up on the ECB, tons of great Q have come from that unit.
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