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New smoker from NorCal

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Hi guys, just wanted to introduce myself and get some newbie advice.
I have been BBQing for years but am new to smoking. I have done slow cooked (5 hours) beef and pork spare ribs before on a gas grill with wood chips and cook tri-tips regularly on a Weber Lil'Smokey. Those come out pretty good, at least my friends say so.
I just picked up a used Brinkmann Pittmaster Deluxe for a smoking deal (pun intended). I will get my first attempt on the Brinkmann with an all wood fire this weekend. I was thinking of doing some pork ribs and chicken wings.

So any advice would be appreciated. I am going to look for some wood this week. I think i can get applewood because of all the orchards around here. I am also looking for a thermometer. A friend suggested to get a wireless one that has temperature alarms and a timer. Can anyone suggest a good thermometer. For larger meats (maybe eventually a birsket) do I need 2 thermometers, one for the meat and one for the smoker temperature?

Being in coastal California I'd really like to get into smoking seafood. I am not sure where to begin there so any advice would be appreciated. Like what types of fish, mostly ocean fish. I know salmon woud be the obvious choice but I am looking for more options too. Are shellfish good to smoke? Octipus? Squid?
Thanks in advance.
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Welcome Wingman. Applewood is mostly for seafood IMO. Hickory produces nice smoke. Good luck.
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Welcome to the forum Wing Man! Glad to have you here.
I just use an instant read pocket thermometer to check the meat, I know several like the digital alarm ones. Not sure what your smoker looks like.
Also, shrimp and scallops are some of my favorites to smoke.
I'm sure others will chime in with more info.
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Welcome to the SMF, from SoCal.
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Welcome Wing Man, Glad to see somebody on here from my neck of the woods. Scallops wrapped in bacon has been done with success. Stop by the chat room in the evenings and visit. Lots of ideas being shared there.
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Welcome to SMF Wingman,Glad to have ya
Wish I could help ya on the seafood thing but there are plenty of folks here who can Welcome and good smokin
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Howdy neighbor!
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Welcome Wingman, And good luck with your Brinkmann and the sea food, Wish I were there I'd try everything and go back for the good stuff.!!
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Scallops and bacon sounds really good. I am really thinking about smoked octipus. I have to get my technique down first though.
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Welcome to the forum wingman.
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Welcome to the forum. I love to smoke a salmon filet, skin side down with just a little olive oil and garlic.
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welcome Wing Man ! where abouts in no. cal ? Gettin more and more members out here. Might be time for a cali cookout !
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welcome cali , good to have the west coast represented, since you're close to the water, break out those poles and smoke whatever comes out hangin from the other end. wildcat
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Welcome Wingman, i like apple wood if ya can get it.. lighter smoke...
watch the temps on smokeing...get a good temp guage
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Welcome to the SMF family.
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Looks like he is from Aptos, over near me.
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