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btw buzz, just checked with momma........it was about THREE pm when i went down...........not 1........get your story str8, if there are witnesses........LOL
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she cant remember, and i got the FLOP veiw, in the middle of the day, the rest of us done our sleep'n at nite
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well buzz, when Eric gets on......maybe HO-MO.........errr MO-HO, can vouch for the time........she is the one that really made me go lay down.......let alone you crashing sat. nite in your chair, while i stayed up till 2 am sun. morning with tip..........lite weight........LOLOL
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The Iowa clan knows how to throw a party and those pics definitely proved it. Glad everyone had a great time!
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Man all that smoke coming out of the woods?? surpised you did not get a slurry drop on ya all. Had to be a good time..saw Dr. Daniels aministerin meds..and was great to see a face with a name now..Did you folks eat all that food??
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Looked like a lotta fun, thanks for posting all those QVIEWS.
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slurry drop?....lol

nope, most of us, took home the leftovers.........they are better leftover imho...........but still fun..........
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Looks like it was a great time even if ya'll did sleep too much biggrin.gif
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It looks like you Iowa folks had it going on.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Thanks for the pictures and narrative. Fun had by all even Dr Jack!!biggrin.gif
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Good food, good friends. good beer what more could you want. Maybe Steve without his shirt up?

Seriously though you can see what SMF is all about right there in those photos. Good job to everyone who made it come together.

Next year can you move it a little further East though? LOL.
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Looks like everyone had a great time. Looks like a bunch of strangers to me. I don't have a clue what anyone looks like. It would be nice to take pictures of people and at the bottom put their name. This could have been taken at any camp ground. I know who Buzz is now,but don't know if it's the same Buzz I know from the forum. Is he from east Texas? Just my thoughts.
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chad, there was a pic, of the member here, and names were listed, frist few posts, buzz listed the names in order, also ALOT of the pics say who who's in the pics, you need to read from the first page on...........everyone there, is from iowa, thats why its called a IOWA GATHERING
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that looked like just country fun time. Thanks guys, gals & kids-NOW thats good Qview. great job Iowa folks.
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I eat my words ,Dude. I just went through the pictures again and I see who they are now. Sorry for beinng a dumb Ga. Boy,LOL. As far as Buzz, I was thinking of Buzzbait from Texas. Now I remember Smokebuzz. I am going to back off the Rum & Coke for the night. Looks like a good time was had by all and wish I could have made it.
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Ken, as MUCH as he was sleeping, he WAS bait.......for all the sqeeters.........LOLOL
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Great pics , great thread and it looks like it was a great time PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Nice to put some faces with names cool.gif
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Glad yall had a good time! hope to make it one of these days. Thanks for the great pics!
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Lots of Fun!

looks like you guys had a blast!

Boy, those U-tube Videos were borderline, can't believe they let you guys load them up on to the internet!!!!
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Looks like a gathering well done! Congratulations to all the survivors of the Iowa Gathering. Looks like it was a great time.

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missed the Iowa Gathering

Hi all, I would have liked to have made the "Iowa Gathering"
,but almost forgot,My bro/wife came down from Mankato and stayed friday eve and sat we had Mom's 90th birthday party.Whole family showed up and a BBQ was had,lasted late.
Maybe next time.
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