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THE Iowa gathering

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We had a GREAT time, lots of food and too much drink. here is a few pics of what I was able to get, was very busy it seems.

the group photo

The DREDED belly shot

Tip is now famous,and Eric does have a pot bellyeek.gif

some photos of the weekend

there will be more posted by others, and i DO have more!!!
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SORRY, for the pic sizes and the BIG GUT line up
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Hey yall: We made it home, here be a few pictures a the Iowa Gatherin!

I know buzz posted wanna these but ya can never have to many!
The whole gang as we was a packin up taday.

This be buzz after a hard days work!

We partied fairly late inta the night!

Buzz hard at work!

Daboys an others tryin ta find themselves!

Here be a shot of the general gatherin area, had the smokers set up an a nice fire ring ta cook on.

I thin everbody had a great time, wish yall could a been there with us! Lord knows we had enough food ta feed ya!

If ya ever get a chance ta do do sumtin like this, I would highly recommened it! What a Hoot!

It was a swell time with a great bunch a folks, only sorry when it ended. I have no doubts we will all get tagether again fer another one! Eric, steve an others have pics ta post fer yall too! Stay tuned!
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very nice, looks like a great time. I need to find some peeps from CA to get a party going, great Idea you fellas had.
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Sorry I missed it. Looked like a good time
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Darn ya'll didn't post a big sign warning of that belly shot bout lost my dinner still hackin a bit biggrin.gif Glad ya'll had a good time wish I coulda been there with ya'll
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WhooWHEE folks! Looks like fun! SOMEONE has to work on their belly tho LOL!
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lol...Great lookin crew! Glad I didn't make it, there's no way I'd show my belly.
Sounds like you all had a great time.cool.gif
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here ya go
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I have a pretty good guess-seems 1 I not sure about?
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Ya, who is the ugly guy in the camoflauge hat?
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Here was the shots of the uhhh, geuss what we was drinken contest.
The pic of steve didnt come thru, i really wish i would'a got a pic of his face after he took a pull off that bottle.
And again, sorry about the pic size



Mrs. Dude, the brains behind the operation

Eric, just before ,,,never mindeek.gif
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The first liar doesn't stand a chance.......lol

What a blast!! Anybody that gets a chance to do something like this should make every effort to see it through.....great food and great time had by all !!

Here's my additions to the qview....

WD and Mark (daboys)

WD and Mark (beaker)

very early Sat. morning.....

Can you feel the love????

Tip and Mrs. Tip......deud....her name is Darcy.....lol

they just don't get much more redneck than this.....LOL

Chauda having a blonde moment.......

Deb hard at work making salads for Saturday's big feed...

The usual suspects....I seem to be suffering from "pot belly envy".....heh

Roscoe the wayfaring, wandering pooch....

More to follow......
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qview part deux

Here's the lady that kept me in trouble with WD.....i.e. "Get a room you two!!!"......hehe

Chef "hop-along".....

Buzz gettin some D.O. beans methodology....

Tip.....those beans were outta this world!!!.....great job!

Buzz sure can keep that Horizon hummin' along nice and steady......

the riblets.....

Buzz hard at work.....


This is what happens after a big shot of JD.......can you say "double vision"....lol

very late Sat. nite.....

Thank you to everybody that came and made the first Iowa SMF gathering such a great success....Monica and I had a blast with y'all and hope to do it again soon!

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Great post folks! I am enjoying the heck outta it! Nice garter D88de!
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Looks like it was a blast. Wish it was closer.
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Guys glad you had fun. That real cool u could get together. Life is to short. Neat thing there.
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Can't think of a much better way to spend a weekend! Looks like my kind of party!!
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Those pics are great. Thanks for posting.
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