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Masterbuilt: easy mod & accessory

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Just a quick post to share something I did with my Masterbuilt. I had two problems when I bought it. 1) The place I keep it on the patio isn't covered and 2) I often need to move it around to clean or get at other things on the patio.
Solution #1: go to Home Depot and get the Weber Kettle grill cover. It costs about ten bucks and fits great. You can turn it around if you don't want to see the Weber logo.
Solution #2: go to Lowe's this time and look at the caster section. I forget the size, but they have these steel casters with a rubber edge that roll quietly on a concrete patio. You can even lock them down. Simply remove the feet on the Masterbuilt and screw the casters in. Yes, it is that easy.

I have attached three pix to show what I am talking about.
Now, back to my baby-back ribs......
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Thanks for the tip golfnguitarz, you did GOOT!

I've been thinking about making a stand about 12" using those same casters. If anyone else has already complete a similar project for the MES, please share photos and material list.
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I'm not sure what you are looking for, but
I did a stand for 2 Masterbuilts in this thread,


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Can't beat rollin' and smokin'.
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Well done, nice cart for your MES collection. Now how far are you from Sacramento, so you can build me one :)

You have a complete wood working shop, I don't, I have the basic tools, circular saw, jig saw, various hand saw, mitre box, electric drill, sander, etc.

I have to move my smoker away from house each time I use it, so the cart has to be sturdy enough to survive hundreds of small patio moves and the several long trips per year to the garage over rough sidewalk.

For us home guys with basic tools, and the requirements describe,

Your recommendations:
What wood & size cuts for frame?
What wood & thickness for top and bottom?
What wood & thickness for sides & Front/back?
What design would be easy to build for home guys?
What would you seal it with to protect from occasional rain, sun, etc.

Any help is appreciated!
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