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Salmon ***** vs stud

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Figured that the title would get your attention. Now, here's the deal. Some years back, I bought a nice Salmon fillet to smoke. After about 2 hours I went to take it out of the smoker and found what appeared to be a pile of oatmeal. That was what remained of the Salmon.
I asked a guy who was much more learned than I in the fine art of smoking. His answer was that I had gotten a female and that they don't work in a smoker. I bought his story and have never bothered to try again.
Is his theory correct or was he blowing thin blue smoke up my ***?
OKAY, Stop laughing and respond to my question.
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he was blowing smoke female salmon smoke up nice its just that the belly meat is thinner then on a male the belly is the richest part of the salmon

it sounds to me like you bought a not so fresh salmon and smoked at to high heat causing it to turn to mush
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GOTTA be smoke in the hinder.

Got me thinkin too. Salmon Roe ain't all bad !
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blowin smoke bigtime, u shud see if he work part time as a smoke generator... would like more details on your smoke, temps especially.
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