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Newbie from Ontario

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Hi all, I love this site and all the helpfull tips, I am as new as they come to the smoking world, after many fights with the wife about getting a smoker (money is tight) I got a cheap barrel smoker for free!! after reading and reading and even more reading I came across this site, and well a big THANK YOU!! to everyone, I signed up for the 5 day e course but just could not wait to try this out! so I thought I would try pork chops!! after about 6hrs on this site and goggle and my head spinning on how I could smoke this I was still lost, so what the hey I grabbed a can of apple juice poured it in a container added the chops, some season salt, garlic, salt, pepper, let it sit while I go start the smoker, then I soaked the hickery wood chips in water for about 30min, go check on the smoker and guess what!! Its perfect 225, I then put the wood chips in foil and poked holes in it, checked my smoker again and still at 225, I then put the foil/wood on and let it sit for about 10 min, once it started to smoke I ran in the house and grabbed the chops out of the juice and threw them on and let them smoke, I let them smoke for about 1.5hr then I flipped them for another 1.5hr, I do have pics and will show everyone as soon as I figure out how! The chops turned out to be the best we have ever tasted!! they were GREAT! it was like going to a pig roast! I think I have my wife sold on the whole smoking idea!! I'm thinking of doing the 321 ribs tomorrow (yes I'm hooked)
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Your next fight with you wife will be about the time you spend on the SMF! Welcome and lets see some QVIEW!
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Glad you joined us and welcome to SMF !!! You are in the right place if your gonna get addicted to smoking. Now what is next on your menu?
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Cody that sounds great! Congratulations on the successful smoke....also welcome to the forum!!
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Congrats and welcome. It only gets better. This IS the place to be if you're gonna smoke some meat. Good luck and good smokes. :)
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Welcome to SMF... and WAY TO GO! Ya got a talent, man..or at least an affliction ;{)

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Nice Cody. Welcome.
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about says it all, welcome to smf!!!! cant wait for the qview!!!
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Welcome Cody...sounds like you're off to a great start.
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Sounds like you're off to a great start.Welcome to SMF.
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Cody welcome to SMF. You found the right place for help, There are lots of good folks here that want to help, so ask all the questions you want
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Welcome to the smf...................Glad to have you here............
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Welcome to the forum. Smokin is an addicting habit that cannot be broke. Live it, love it and Smoke it.
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