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Eating African

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Well, almost. Maybe its common knowledge maybe not but it was the africans who invented deep frying. And when they came to the new world and brought thier deep fring teqhnique alot of native american food which were up to now boiled or bbqd where given new life. Like boring old boiled root vegetables or cornmeal mush became fried delicasees. So tonight im eating African with fried yucca root and fried polenta with Griot(heavily seasoned pork chunks) also fried. Very spicy, very good. Yea im smoking too but that stuff wont be ready for qview for a while. This for now.

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Hmm that looks like it oughta be placed in the firebox!

Interesting post, as usual, sir! Fried polenta yumm..a breakfast staple at the Italian side's homes. Slab form is all...and done in butter :{)

That pork looks purty durn good!
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great looking table fare..
the yucca is excellent..albertsons recieved some yesterday and I bought two large pieces and brought to work, made sancocho with one around this area knows what to do with it. and the produce guys gives me a great deal as I am the only one to buy it..
where are you from that you know how to peal it and remove the vein??
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Looks great William! I'm also a big fan of yucca, love it fried along side of some grilled venison steaks. :)
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Haha, tell you the truth, I was cooking yucca LONG before I knew how to peel it correctly. But anyways im a native NewYorker down here in south florida.
Sancocho!! We gotta get a thread going for that. mm mm. Beleive it or not I make sancocho at work(retirement community) for the old folks. They dont know what the hell it is but they know its goood. I make it there with smoked turkey necks, beef short ribs, chicken thighs and of course boniatos, yucca, plantains(sweet and green), corn etc etc. you know it goes. Best soup ever.
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Sounds very tasty WZ. Looks great.
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Man o Man that is some tasty lookin vittles yes sir reee mighty tasty lookin.
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cooking it before you knew how to peel was ruff..
your sancocho sounds great..smoked is even better. but it is smoked a little differnt then the folks here are used to..
in a big caldron we would start a wood fire and set her on top as she boiled, the smoke from the fire would kiss the boiling water and and mix with it..that was some great rainy day fare.
really enjoyed your post..whos say's you can'nt teach big city folks jungle cuisine... lol....
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All of the sudden, cereal for breakfast does't quite get it.
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