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To Spritz or not to Spritz?

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What are the pros and cons to spritzing a Boston Butt? Do you get a better bark? Does it keep it from drying out? What's the good word.

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I spritz with apple juice and sometimes Makers Mark but mostly with apple juice only. IMO it does slightly help with moisture and leaves a sweeter bark. I also use mustard on Butts for bark.
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DITTO to what Carpetride said!
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I'm spritzing mine hourly, since it reached 100 degrees, with apple juice and Captain Morgan's spiced rum as Meowy suggested. 3 to 1 mix.
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same here on the apple juice i try to hit em every hour or so.
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No cons I can think ofbiggrin.gif Like everyone said, mix some applejuice and booze of choice be it, whiskey or rum and hit it every 1/2 to 1 hour.
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I don't spritz... Its on there for the duration untouched and un-looked-at (is that a word - I think not lol). The only thing I open the lid for is to do a quick meat temp check, and I don't bother checking for the first 75% of estimated cook time.

I have spritz'd in the past and have not found that it made much of a difference, and I prefer a thick, chewy bark anyway.

Burt icon_smile.gif
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Hey Dave welcome to SMF. Stop bu the Roll Call forum and give a little intro post- Your experience, smoker type...etc.

BTW I don't "spritz"- I MOP. It's more manly LOL!
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I lke to use 50/50 apple juice and Jim Beam Bourbon.
That's how I roll.

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Heh birds -o- a feather I guess we are! LOL! Cheers! \_/
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Mopping is manly? You must be a navy guy. ;)
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Nope... but c'mon "spritz" ?!? biggrin.gif
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lol You're right about spritzing. Sounds like something a woman does when she's "not feeling fresh". Actually I've been "spraying" my butt with apple juice and rum. I guess thats a bit more manly. Right? PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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I don't spritz. I prefer to leave my smoker door closed and retain the heat.
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Yup.. spraying good... hehehe~!
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What are we, skunks? Or cats?
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We are DEVO! Silly guy! LOL...sigh such an 80's guy I am
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