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dumb question...?

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I am just getting inyto a chargriller smoker with off set fire box.

My question is...do you just throw the wood chunks ontop of the hot coals...or do you wrap them in foil to keep them from burning?
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Ain't no dumb questions!

Just throw a few chunks at a time on the coals. Keep the smoke thin and blue and you will be happy.

If the smoker is brand new do a search on here for mods on the chargriller. As it comes out of the box I believe they have a tendency to have some uneven heat inside the chamber (hotter close to the box, cooler at the smoke stack end) Also check out how people extend the smokestack down to the grate level.

Don't trust the thermometer that comes with your smoker. They have a habit of being off.
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do you use 100% lump...or do you use regular charcoal?
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Either way will produce smoke, but most folks here with charcoal smokers will tell you to just throw the wood on naked.This is what I do with my offset. I soak my wood in water cause I think it smokes a little longer that way without flaring up.If you can control your intakes properly you shold be able to control flare - ups. Alot of folks here do NOT soak ,it is just my personal preference .With my drum smoker I just nestle some wood in with the coals and let er go ! No dumb questions here of coarse , only the ones not asked ! Happy smokes !!
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I personally use lump only. You can use charcoal if you like.
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Gether, you idiot that is a dumb question....Oh wait I am thinking of getting a Chargriller and was wondering the same thing. That is actually quite brilliant of you to think of the different options.biggrin.gif
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LOL...im sorry...I will go to the corner...icon_rolleyes.gif
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another one....here it comes...wait for it......

when do you add more coal...as soon as you see the temps dropping a degree or so.....?and how much?
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I will add a few chunks here and there as it seems to need it.
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well i have steady temps on both sides....the temp guage on the unit is about 75% off......the only mods I have done so far is the turning the coal grate upside down in the smoke chamber...and brought the stack down to grate level.

About how many racks of spares can you smoke at onc on this thing?
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Sounds like you are good then. As for how many I am not sure. Many more then mine can I believe!
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so when using lump...you only add a couple at a time?
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I have a good bed of coals going then yes I only add a few at a time to maintain the burn.
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guess I need to add more sooner...Its dropped from 225-204...and is taking a while to get back up there
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Can the minion method be used while using lump?
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You can pre-light 10-15 coals got a chimney? Ot a spare grate to toss over a gas flame? POOF instant heat.
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Sure. But if ya need a quick fix see above.
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would normal charcoal be easier to use as` a beginner?
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Don't much matter - if ya got bricks use 'em. Lump is more efficient tho.
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I've got same unit and have tried many different ways - best way for me is to keep all your coals to the right half of the coal grate (if you havent made the charcoal basket - put that on your list to do!)

then, place a few wood chunks on the left side of the grate (cleared portion) and place about 2 inches or so from the coal pile. Keep the lid closed and dont "peek" - if you are curious about flame up - you'll be able to tell that by looking through the air vent.

As for charcoal - I use Best choice lump (same as Royal Oak I believe). I light a new chimney full when I see the smoker temp hit about 210. This usually means about every 1.25 hrs or so - depending on weather/wind, etc.

good luck!
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