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Doing the Abelman Brisket w/q-view

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Doing my 1st brisket as we speak. Have a bunch of people spending the night Sat. Wont be home most of Sat so am doing this today. Wasn't sure how I wanted to try it until I saw Abelmans Italian Dressing Brisket. Looked good so here goes.

Yesterday morn in the dressing

This morning rubbed down and resting a bit before putting in the smoker

been about 4 hrs. Brisket is at 142, Came up fast and now is slowing down, finally. Smoker has been running about 220-227. Thought this was going way to fast!
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Awesome start. Keep us posted! Are you/or did you sear the brisket before it went into the smoker??
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Nice.... and don't worry that's right around plateau time!
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At this point the temp will stop going up and might even drop a few degrees. (I have had it drop 10 before) Keep the temp steady and after a while the plateau will end and the temp will climb again. Just pop another top sit back and relax.
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Looking good daboys. Lucky guests at your place.
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No, the gasser is about out of gas and didn't feel like getting another tank this morn.. I will try it next time.
Never had anything go up this fast. Started to wonder if it WAS going to plateau! It did. Stalled out at 153 and dropped down to 151. I feel alot better now. Still trying to decide whether to slice it tonight or wait till Sun morn. Quess it depends on how hungry I am after it comes out of the cooler!!
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Looks good so far and your temps are fine!
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Thanks, and hope you don't mind me naming this after you. I know, as long as it comes out good. I'm sure it will. Temps dropped to 150 for the last 1 1/2 so I feel better about a long smoke.
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No worries, I take it as a compliment in all honesty, thanks. I'm sure it will be fine.

But, I have screwed them up as well. Tried a seared point a week ago. Took a swing and missed. That one never plateaued which I think was the problem. That's the deal with smoking. Have to go back and try the sear again sometime.

You're in the sweet spot right now so just let it happen. Make sure it gets some cooler time. Are you slicing or pulling? I will admit, this recipe, if you can call it that, is my favorite thus far (sliced).
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It's going to get sliced. I plan on putting it in the cooler for a couple hrs. Then I'll either slice it or leave it in the fridge and do it Sun. Leaning more towards slicing tonight. Don't think I can wait till Sun morn!
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Mark, it's looking great so far!! Can't wait to see your finished smoke.
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Thanks Jeanie. Looks you might have to wait till next week. My AC addapter broke on my computer this morn. Have to order a new one and my battery is about done. So... untill then happy smokes everyone. Oh, the brisket is at 156 after 7 hrs and is slowly climbing now.
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Try the "smokyokie" method, that is a good sum beech
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I've tried it
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Well got the computer fired back up so now the results. Smoked in the pan the whole time. Once I put it in the smoker I didn't touch it till it was done. Used hickory and smoked it till it hit 185 then foiled and in the cooler for a couple hrs. I was going to leave it in the fridge and slice it reheat and slice Sun morn but I couldn't wait. It got sliced Fri for a couple sammies. I had to sample it before everyone got here. It was unbelievable. Just want to say thanks to Ableman for trying it this way.
After 6 hours

Done and sliced
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Not sure if I have ever seen a smoke ring that dark! NICE!!!!!!
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Hey, you're welcome! Glad it worked out. Would have felt horrible had it not.

Awesome smoke ring PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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