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Hello all!

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Hi Guys, first time on the smoking meat forum! Just moved to Florida in hopes of fortune, fame, and of course great BBQ. Having a fun time getting my smoker out there by my condo's pool on the weekends and attracting a crowd. Seems to help a lot with meeting people and occupying my time. I have a WSM and I love it! Best piece of equipment I own other than my vintage Infinity speakers. I am having one problem though and thats finding a good BBQ supply store down here with a good selection of wood. Super Wal-Mart officially does not have everything! If anyone knows the wood scoop in the Orlando area I would be grateful. Thanks again!

Smoking is reason enough that god loves us and wants us to be happy!
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Welcome to the Forum LOTR! Lots of Sunshine State folks here, I'm sure some will have a bit of help for ya... in the mean time enjoy your time here!
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Well Lord, welcome to the site. Found this post after I talked to ya on the "good morning" post from 1894. I think your gonna like it here. Lotsa fun and info.
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Thanks Richtee, doing some smokin for the folks at the pool tomorrow. pretty excited about it. Just gotta find some wood other than hickory and mesquite. can't seem to find a BBQ supply store. I may just have to rely on the fact that the internet is probably the best place to find wood.
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Hey I got some orange here... traded with a member down there. I kinda like it with poultry... and the live oak works too...
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I'll have to check out the orange wood situation. In fact I had BBQ at a place that used it the other day and thought it was a very mild imparting citrusy wood. I'm starting to realize that in my quest for good BBQ wood i'm goin to have to get creative.
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Hey Richtee, what's this OTBS thing all about??
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Howdy LR and welcome to SMF. We'll need some q-view of your smoke by the pool and not just of the food if you know what I'm driving at.eek.gif
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Hey Crzn i'm gonna be at it tomorrow bright and early. They flock to it like seagulls to a fishing boat. BBQ and eye candy poolside is pretty close to paradise if there ever was one. Will def share some q-view after this smoke!
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welcome to smf!!! cant wait to share some smokes!!!
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Where in Florida are you?

Welcome to the site also!
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Thanks erain! hey is that brisket over pinapple?
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Prolly Dutch's famous beans... with pineapple in them
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Thanks Richtee, I am totally impressed! I like the part about reaching the point of Zen when it comes to smoking.
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Hi Vlap, I'm in orlando. how bout you? Is that redfish your holding up?
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Welcome LOTR. Send photos of your smoker surrounded by young ladies in bikinis. Thanks. Land locked and hating it.
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Will do my best wayside, these days at the pool with coolers full of beer and smokers full of BBQ can turn up situations I never imagined.
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Sounds like a good time!
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Are people here strongly against marinating chicken pre-smoke? I was thinking about doing a soy/citrus asian concoction that I still haven't settled on yet for my smoke on saturday. That along with the standard spareribs, no marinade on the ribs though.
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