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All I have to say it LUMP is where it's at...I picked a couple bags of cowboy brand at Lowe's yesterday....the only thing that is harder is transferring it to the charcoal basket while cooking. It tend to fall out of the bottom of the chimney very easily. Lights VERY easy with the paper towel/vegetable oil...I may try the sideburner method later in the day.

I got a seasonal burn on a square foot of lawn refilling the charcoal pan...lol!

Now all I need is a cooler full of brews and my Sat will be complete.
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what is the leading brand that everyone uses?
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I use Royal Oak in my BGE and it works great. The BGE brand charcoal is actually Royal Oak in a green bag. No ash and dust floating around. I bought a $10.00 electric charcoal starter from WalMart and it starts up the BGE in about 5-10 minutes. No need to use paper or fluid. I can't believe I used to use paper and kindling.
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I've taken to using a benzOmatic torch for lighting my WSM and grill. Works like a charm! Although, not quite as fast as this method ;)

I buy Royal Oak at Walmart. $5.27 for a 10# bag. I've also been known to use a briquette made by Royal Oak (cowboy or something like that) when cooking on the grill. Mostly lump though.

The charcoal briquets are 'steak house' made by Royal Oak Sales, Inc. out of Roswell, GA
It's a 20# bag but I don't remember the price
>end edit<
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Hiya Richtee !! LTNS :)
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I usually start my lump in a chimney with a small torch I purchased from Ace Hardware. It is on a 3 ft hose permanently attached and a small propane bottle like for soldering. Lasts a long time and quick. In my smoker I place lump directly on the fire grate and start it the same way. Currently ready to install a permanent gas assist in my smoker. Same thing just bigger and faster.
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