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drum lid ?

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There is a place here that sells supplies for making biodiesel. Thought these would make a cool u.d.s. lids till I saw the price. They also have drums for $ 20 !! look new. So if there is a place in your area that has one of these biodiesel places ( maybe just a cali. thing but dono ) check it out for cheap drums !!
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Shipping would be a killer . I just mailed a rattlesnake to a lady in Oregon the other day and cost $152.00 for second day mail. She used it for medicinal purposes. That's what she said anyway. Neat cone.
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Yeah W.R , this is a place I can drive to. Just wondering if this biodiesel thing is growing everywhere like it is here. If so there may be a supply place to be found in your area. Just a thought.
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biodiesel drums

Here in Iowa biodiesel is big business along with ethanol. Was looking around criagslist a while back and some guy on there was selling biodiesel 55gl drums for $8.00. Thought about getting one but didn't have a chance to get there.
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yeah T , check out my drum adventure from yesterday !!

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