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GOSM Heat Spread

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Has anyone tested the heat spread between the upper and lower racks? After a couple of stacked smokes I was noticing that the top rack was getting brown faster than the lower but thought it must be due to the smoke accumulation at the top. In any event, when cooking multiple racks of the same food I was curious how much faster one part of the smoker may be cooking than the opposite end of the box.
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As heat rises it usually hotter on the higher racks if smoking the same type meats I usually rotate racks about half way thru the smoke.
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Haven't noticed any big change in temps, but like Pineywoods said, I rotate racks occasionally during a smoke. I keep meaning to check the temps across the racks just sort of for my own info, but never really have gotten around to it.
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I was thinking about mounting another thermo in the door down by the water bowl to see what the bottom rack cook temp was compared to the middle rack where the stock thermo is located.
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I checked mine but it has been awhile since I did it. I normally only use the the top 2 racks so the difference wasn't that great. If memory serves me right I had like a 20 degree difference from top to bottom. When I did 12 butts in Feb. the top was done way sooner then bottom rack.
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Here's an old thread I posted about thie subject of heat temp. differences on my big block. The dooe therms were calibrated with boiling water and iced water before the install.
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Piney is "right on". I actuall have two gauges in my GOSM and notice as much as a 15º difference between the middle and upper racks. I tend to put the larger items, as long as it is not chicken, on the highest rack so it gets done about the same time as the smaller foods on the lower racks.
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Now that you guys are a 180 degrees from Rich's findings, I'll only cook on the middle rack from now on! confused.gif
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I noticed Rich has the Big Block and I have the Wide Body don't know if that changes things or not I only have a top vent. On mine I find the top rack about 20* hotter than the bottom rack. Oh and I won't see 67* outside till about Nov. biggrin.gif
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That is odd, being that hot air rises confused.gif Of course if you leave the top vent open ????
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I think the science question would be, Is rising hot air hotter than fire? Am I hotter if I stand 1 foot above the campfire 4 feet above the campfire?
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If you were over it in a 4 foot box with a small vent on top...4 feet biggrin.gif
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