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Newby from Barrie Ontario

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I just received a Brinkman electric smoker from my mother back in vancouver and I am lost as to how to smoke, It looks like I will be reading lots on the forum here. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should try first. Make it simple, from what and where to put the wood chips to how long I need to wait. Im raring to go!
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Welcome to SMF there is lots of great info and recipes here. I suggest signing up for Jeff's 5 Day Ecourse its free and contains lots of good info for the beginner or the pro. Have fun and happy smoking.
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Piney has it right. Do the course. I'm from Amherst, NY (near Buffalo, NY) stay away from Clifton Hill and save some $$$$$. It is fun there though...
Happy Smoking
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yeah the 5 day e-course will help alot. Hey does Rick and Don Deroucher still own the Pickeral River Marina, Man I miss that place. Welcome its a great place to learn.
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Welcome to the SMF. Jeff's rub recipe's are also a great start.

Get yourself a good thermo and plug that baby in and go. I use wood chunks (dry) sat right on the lava rock (not touching the element) or in a pie pan. Fill the pan with either water or sand (I use sand) and you are ready.

Try a pork butt using the 'sticky' in the Pork section. They take a while but reward you well.
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Welcome to SMF Sledder! Lots of good info here to get you off on the right runner heh!
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Welcome Sledder.
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Hey Sledder,

Pork Butt/Shoulder is very forgiving, but like the last poster said, they do take a long time (12 hours a lot of times). I would start with a chicken or two. Whole chickens are real cheap and will give you great practice finding the temps that your grill attains. I know that someone else suggested a good thermometer. I think you will need at least one good, digital probe therm and a cheap oven therm. Keep the oven therm on the grate to know exactly what the temp is inside your smoker and the probe for inside your meat to know exactly when it is done (cook by internal temp instead of time).

Keep researching but most importantly, just start practicing and be sure to post some pics of your smoking, we call it qview.
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Welcome there, Sledder!

Looks like the folks ahead of me already covered a lot of the good stuff. Take the course - it has a lot of good starter info. And get a couple of reliable remote therms, as you'll be cooking by temp rather than time for most things (except ribs with the 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 methods).

Kick back and enjoy!


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Welcome Sledder, You've come to the right place. Lots of great folks here willing to help ya
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I'm sorry It has been along time since I have been up there. I was confusing barrie ( which I drive through ) to parry sound, which if I spent a couple weeks up there would go to shop for groceries. Or alban.
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I have to agree with Flyin'illini, cuz they are very forgiving and are so worth the time...get a great thermo, some snacks, brewpops...and the mop don't forget the mop!! YUMMY!!!!
oh, and don't forget the q-vue!!
Happy smokes!!
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Thanks everyone

Im gonna try to smoke a chicken today, got my thermometers and beer ready!
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Yer NOT gonna shall accomplish! LOL! Any Q's? post and ye shall receive!
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Welcome to the SMF family. It is a great place full of smokin smart people. I too am in Canada in Windsor. Are you close to Wonderland?
May all your smokes be thin and blue.

Lee, if you took highway 401 to 400 yes you pass through Barrie on your way up to ParrySound.
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Welcome to SMF.......U just found the right place to get smokin
These fine folks had me goin my very first smoke and they just keep gettin better.Thanx to all the fine people here....Enjoy and take in all ya can.....Try Jeff's 5 day e-course....Lots of good info to get ya started
May good smoke's and good eats be bestowed upon u
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