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GOSM Question

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Ok ya'll I have the GOSM and I was wondering if anybody elses cooks really fast. I am going by the guidelines with the temp and I think that I am doing everything right but mine seems to cook really fast.

This is not just a one time occasion my first chicken only took about 1hour 45, turkey legs about 50 minutes and I have some cornish hens on right now and they have only been on about 1hour 30 and the temp is already up to 145.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Don't trust the original thermo! Take a reading inside with your meat thermo near the grate.
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Have you checked to see if the temp that reads on the thermo on the door is accurate? It could be hotter than what that thermo is reading, I have heard people say that its not always right.
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/\ What they said!
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Always calibrate a new therm, cabinet therm or meat probe. If tested in boiling water, they should read 212 varying on altitude. If you test in a glass of ice and water, it should read close to 33-34 degrees. Make note of any differences and write it down, you'll always know the correct temp.
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My GOSM's thermometer definitely reads very low so I'm sure yours does this same. That would explain the faster cooking times as you're probably cooking at higher temps. Get a good digital thermometer, preferably with 2 probes. I put one probe thru a wine cork and sit the cork on the grate right next to whatever I'm cooking. This should give you a better idea of the true temp in the GOSM. Good luck.
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Yea, I think my door therm runs about 12% low too... drop a trusted probe in there to be sure what you're running at...
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Mine bounces all over the place but on average of 20 degrees lower. Also remember when doing the boiling test that sea level will change the 212 reading. you get a 209 or 202 but it should be close. There is formula out there to figure out the boiling point for your area. I just can't locate it at this time.
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Ferget that door thermo, mine now reads 110* when I ain't smokin! Get yerself a good digital fer the box temp, keepin it at grate level, then get yerself another one fer the meat! Yall find thins will work out better thata way.
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Diddo. Don't trust factory thermometer on door. Get yourself a couple of digitals and off you go.
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