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from the basement greenhouse..........

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i said in the roll call i grow carnivorous plants......figured i might show some of them off....all are grown in an improvised greenhouse room in the basement under lights.....

Aussie pitcher plants

Nepenthes hamata from southeast Asia....just a baby yet, the pitchers will get about a foot tall

Nepenthes bongsoalso from southeast Asia, still not full grown but getting there

full grown pygmy sundews from Australia next to a quarter

a small butterwort from Mexico

flowers from a larger Mexican butterwort

venus fly trap

a natural Nepenthes hybrid
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Woah...dude- I think I had a blind date with her! What COOL picts! just keep them away from my meat, eh??
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WOW!!!! Never seen most of those. Very interesting!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hope you don't show the scars to prove it PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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So , I'm pretty sure you don't have any flies and such left living in your basement , where do you buy food for those cool plants ?
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actually you would be surprised how many bugs are in a "clean" basement...they catch spiders and centipedes and sowbugs and flies and gnats and all kinds of stuff but i supliment with half strength orchid fertilizer every couple of months. especially for the nepenthies since they grow pretty big and some of them grow pretty fast.....actually if you understand their care alot of them really arent any harder to grow than a african violet, especially the Mexican butterworts and the sundews....
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... yeah but how do they taste in a salad??? icon_evil.gif J/K

Nice job and definitely not your average everyday house plant.
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Cool stuff rattler.
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Cool pics, very exotic!! I'd think those plants would qualify as pets ?? PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I dont suppose those plants help rid basements with pesty mother-in-laws??? biggrin.gificon_rolleyes.gif
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nice pics rattler i would like to do this when i find room for the green house i know this is a smoken place but thanks for sharing. now lets get smoken.
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Way cool dude!
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Nice pics and cool plants PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Cool plants.

Did you see the rat eating pitcher plant that was discovered recently?

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Awesome pics rattler! Kind of got your own "Little Shop of Horrors" going on right there.
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Neat hobby, thanks for sharing the pics
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Definetly some cool looking plants. I have a pitcher (3) plant on our front and back porches to eats noseeums and mesquitoes around our house and they works really good keeping crickers away.
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Don't think I want a salad that bites back!!! lol
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incredible collection! where do you get the plants? we had a venus fly trap we got at wally world a few years ago...not sure what ever happened with it. I really like the it difficult to care for?
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