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Jerkey question

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Ok, I want to make jerkey. That is probably the main reason that I bought a smoker. I have a GOSM and in playing with it the last few nights, I can not get the temp down below 200. I have the top vent wide open. My model does not have any bottom vents. (should I add some?) My gas/temp guage is set as low as it can go.

I have seen some posts about a needle valve that can be added between the tank and the smoker? What is such a thing? Where can one be had?

Thanks for the help
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Yep... you got a smoker that only smokes... the needle valve you'll need. BUT...consider a small charcoal basket to use as the ONLY heat source. Hmmm a new one there? Just a thought. OK searching "needle" moment... here's a start..alot of other threads too!
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I still don't know that you will get low enough with the needle valve but the charcoal and chips in a pan sitting on top of the turned off burner should work good
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Thats a great idea would have never thought of that to get some thing to make a charcoal fire in and just use that for the lower temps.
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I didn't think of it either Ron50 told me about it and it sounded like a good idea
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Figgers Ron would beat me to it. He's a old hand...literally ;{)
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Hi I am going to try to smoke some jerky Sunday in my new MES. I just got done pre-seasoning it. I am not sure about one thing do you need to have water in the water pane if you are making jerky.
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Nope... yer trying to get RID of moisture. Just watch the temps... you DID cure the meat right?
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Ok thanks, yes I put in some tenderquick.
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Some? Did you weigh the meat? It's 1 Tbsp/Lb. No more nor less... and it takes the place of salt BTW.
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Yes, I did weigh the meat I got 7 lbs of meat. I did a lot of reading in here There is a lot of good info. I read what you posted about curing jerky.
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Excellent! Sounds like you have a great start! Don't forget to post results- we LOVE Q-view!
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Ok, so I'm really late on this, but I'll give my input anyways. I have the same smoker, and if you have a cast iron smoke pan, you can drill some holes in the side of it right where it meets the bottom. I drilled three holes on each side right at the bottom end of it. I use some lump with a few pieces of wood for smoke. I can usually hold around 100-115 without a problem when the weather is warm. I can get down around 90 during the winter. I have seen a few people that I know with the same smoker and it has a stamped pan. I'm not sure how that would hold up to a charcoal fire, but if anyone has any input I would like to know the results.

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