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What temp??

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I am new to this site and seeing everyone bragging about their fatties they are cooking is making me want to try my own.. The only thing is that I don't know to what temp you are suppose to cook sausage.. Can anyone help me out??
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jump over to roll call and tell us a little about yourself... as far as cooking fatties...

I just know when it's done. I think it's like 160-165. there is a times/temp table on the left of the screen under how-to articles
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160* cool.gif
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if you are smoking sumthin, just throw a fattie on and take off at 160-165 like everyone else stated.
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Like the folks above... USDA says 165°. But ya pull it at 160 and wrap in foil and a towel...the juices will re-distribite thru the meat and it'll hit the 165° during the rest. 15-20 min or so... Welcome..and make a Roll Call post please!
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Dang that Bubba is smart he nailed it like usual biggrin.gif
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