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newbie preparing for second run.....question.....

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it turns out due to a funeral the wife has to attend on Friday and a buddy needing help with a couple carpet jobs we are staying home instead of traveling and grabbing some needed equipment for the smoker to make my life since im caught up at work and my day is partially shot due to a funeral im just going to stay home and mess with the smoker since ill be doing carpeting jobs this weekend and not get a chance then.....

anyways i picked up another cheap grocery store roast but this time ive got a marinade that i want to use that should help tenderize it, going to inject it and spice it on Thursday night, place it in the fridge for the night and throw it in the smoker at 8am Friday aswell as do wrapping it in bacon trick(think that helped the gravy come out exceptional anyways)....also going to do a fattie.....have some country style spare ribs, both pork and beef to mess with....

my question is while we were at the butcher we picked up a nice looking 4 pound prime rib.....however the wife wants it for Saturday to take up to our friends place for after we get done with the flooring job and she wants it smoked but she doesnt want to mess with the smoker while im gone on Saturday.....any reason i cant smoke it for 4 hours or so on Friday afternoon.....put it in the fridge and have her throw it in the oven on low Saturday morning to finish up so its ready when my buddy and i get done flooring?
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I don't really see where that would be a problem.
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Ditto on that.
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I am going to double ditto that
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Don't forget to capture all the juice you'll get on the finish for either a gravy or finish sauce! Yumm!
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Hey! I recognize that prime rib!

I would like to suggest, if you are gonna rewarm it later to only smoke it for a couple hrs, then rewarm at 300-350 for 1-2 hrs, or until it gets to 140-150 internal............OR................smoke it to 130, rest and refrigerate. Then when ya want to eat it, slice it cold, bring to room temp for 20 minutes and toss it on a hot grill for 2-3 minutes a side, maybe less.
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aye aye capt.

and I recognize that outfit.
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