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Another First

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Well I just got a fatty into the smoker. Went with a breakfast theme and just put in scrambled eggs and cheese. I decided I better go with simplicity on first try. Pics may be a bit blurry, time to read my owner's manual on the camera

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HEY! MrsB! Nice to see ya 'round and posting some Q-View! What time is breakfast??
You had babies din't ya? I recognize the diaper wrap with the bacon LOL!
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Looks good Mrsb. Let us know how she turns out
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It does look good MrsB! Can't wait to see the finished smoke. :)
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looks good mrsb. great looking first try
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Ok, 1 hour and 45 minutes into it and I am at an internal temp of 131. Sound about right?

I think when this is done I will go get one of those grill woks to replace the charcoal pan.
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Looks and sounds good like everybody else I'll be waiting on more Qview
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Yep...165°-170° it's done. Chill fast if it's for tomarrow...Helps keep it nice and tight!
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Ok, what the heck? I just added more charcoal and as soon as I closed the door my meat proble alarm went off saying the internal temp was 255!!! Obviously impossible for the meat to be at that temp. Think it's just a bad probe?

Edit: just went out and pulled the probe out, reset it and stuck it back in!!
I have to run to pick up the kids, should only be about 20 minutes so I hope it will be fine untended.

Also, I want to smoke some chicken when this is done. Should I just be able to continue to add charcoal or should I start fresh?
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Never waste a bed of coals! Might need to ash it out a bit tho... Lucky kids'll be chowin good food tonight!
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Well here it is. Wow, that's tasty!

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WTG on the first fatty. That looks great.
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