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Help with a movie title

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I know this is a smoking forum, but I'm at wits end. I'm trying to remember a movie title from a movie I remember watching as a young boy (sometime in the mid to late 70's). The plot was something like this:

The story was told mostly in flashback. The main character was a young boy and his grandfather was very ill and about to die. The flashbacks were of the grandfather getting his grandson into trouble over and over again by asking him to do a chore, supposedly requested by the grandmother or someone else, that was just a prank. The grandfather dies at the end right after asking his grandson to do something he shouldn't be doing like looking for something under the bed, while wearing his good suit.

Now, for the life of me, I can't remember much about any of the actors in this. But I remember vividly the boy crawling under the bed to look for something, coming back out and his grandfather having passed away.

Any takers??
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Rocky??? cool.gif
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No, I don't think this ever hit the big screen. Seems like it was a made for tv Weekend special or some such. Came on once or twice a year for several years.
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Well, they say if you remember the 70's you weren't really there.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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I don't think I was any older than 7-8 at this point. Now the 80's.. Look out :)
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No one remembers this?? Out of all you old (like me) farts?? :) I figured for sure someone on here would remember this. Only time I can remember I've been let down on this forum. Sheesh. Sorry, this was the only way I could think of to bump it one more time :)
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Do you have anything more specific such as a name or narrowed down year, or part of a title???

Have you tried You can select by year and other break down on searches.
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gotta say i think i did see it,and i think your right i think it was a tv movie,i don't recall anyone that was in it or the name of the movie either.....thanks alot now i gotta know too!!!! lol confused.gif
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I've scoured IMDB with every plot description I can come up with. No luck whatsoever. I wish I knew at least an actor or any kind of helpful info. I"m at a loss, but I sure would like to know the name of the movie. It's more of a 'gotta know' than any thing else.
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Howsit brah, I'm 59 yrs old n seen a lot more movies than I should have but, never seen nothing that comes close to what you describe. I thought I was good but I'm stumped.. good luck brah..
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Off subject but givin you a bump.
I really liked "The Mole People" as a kid.
Readin up on Adam Carolla I found out his Dad (a Hungarian) was the producer of that movie.

Yeah, Imdb is the best place but do you know or remember more?
It doesn't even ring a bell w me.
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The following link includes search criteria.
IMDB : grandfather/grandson relationship.. about 500 titles to choose from..
Have fun.
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Sounds like a Rod Sterling "Twilight Zone" episode to me.....
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I like Mo's answer. It sounded like a Steven King plot but I don't think he was really on the scene yet at that point so TZ makes some sense.
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How about "A Portrait of Grandpa Doc" ??
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willie wonka?

just a guess
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THis very well might be it. I saw a clip of it on youtube. The particular scene that I was thinking of wasn't in the clip, but it did seem familiar. I'll see if I can find it this between now and this weekend.

Thanks folks. Oh btw, that list on IMDB had some other possibilities too. Once again, thanks.
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