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Your valve may be a 3/4", but the opening isin't, looks like you got one for a brass compression fitting...
I'd change that to a 3/4" ball valve and that will help with your adjustments. It has a much larger opening!
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Scroll down to my post with the pictures. The third one down has a 3/4" ball valve.
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Neat rig! Thinkin I might make the oldest boy one them, he been wantin ta get inta smokin, one these just might fit the bill!
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Nice drum icon_smile.gif.

Could it benefit from a tuning baffle to deflect and disperse some heat? Maybe one of those large round pizza pans with the little holes in it mounted up on the rod between the coals and your grates. Just a thought PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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It is a tera -cota saucer ,16 inch.kinda heavy but will do until something lighter comes along
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Oh , I see. the one I got is stepped down !Was wondering about that.not familier with ball valves and such really.I will look for one that is a straight 3/4. Yeah , with the one I have open, taking a nipple cap of ( staight 3/4 ) it starts roar'in !Thanks again for the heads up.
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Thats what so sweet about these things. They are sort of a hybrid imho. The meat sits and sizzles and drips juices into the fire causing more smoke/steam goodness !Which I'm thinking knoks the heat back least seams to.
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This has been tried by many a drumheads......always ends up in the trash!
Heat problems, heat recovery, warm-up, etc, plus it ruins the convection action around the food.
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