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Fired again

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Well I fired up the pit today. Wanted to do some beef steaks, but didn't feel like emptying out the deep freezer. So I did some pork steaks, potatoes, non smoked sausage, and some home made bacon. With unexpected company, had to throw on more food after pics were taken..
Oh ya, desert was a peanutbutter pie. We cut the sugar count down on this one and sprinkled with ground chocolate.
Dinner was a hit, again.
Heres the pics.
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Mmmmm, Andy, it looks great!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Everything looks wow!

Great looking spread there!!
You got the best use out of your cook space, I some times have a serious problem with that!!!
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Looks like no one went home hungry!! Nice work!
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good lookin cookout andy!!!
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Nice job BB
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great looking meal andy-I love those grills.
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Looks good Andy. I love peanutbutter pie. Is that a mix or home made?
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Nce job Pro. Looks good.
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Looks great!!!
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Good lookin Q Andy. Wish I could of smoked this weekend.
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Yer good, Andy...real good!
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Thanks for all the great responses.
Smokin out the neighbours.... it is Texes Hunters recipe for the pie.
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Great lookin vittles. How about faxing me a piece of that pie hhhmmmmm
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Ken always has the best recipes. If I use any more of them, I'm gonna have to start paying him a royalty.
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Fine lookin vittles Andy! Mighty fine job feedin the crew, sure it tasted fantastic!
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Andy, I wanna come throw down some grub with u bubba and talk racin.....lol..............good lookin spread.....I threw down for the inlaws last night my self.No where the caliber the spread u layed out but was still a hit
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Nice looking feast AndyPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Bet everyone was fat & happy afterwards
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There some good grub, and a peanut butter pie to boot mmmmm good stuff
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