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Oak for smoke

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gonna pull my first all night smoke w/11lb brisket........question I have is this............Gonna do it with oak.....everything I have done to this point has been with mesquite.....Any thing I should be aware of with the oak?
thanx for any input guy' always it is deeply appreciated.................Ty
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It's a strong wood but really tasty. I often mix oak and apple.
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Oak is a fantastic smoke wood! But it is very different from mesquite. Oak has very high thermal output and burns really clean. I never smoke with oak by itself because I like more flavor so I always mix it with a fruit wood like apple or cherry. Get your heat from the oak and flavor from a companion wood.

Oak is great in the fireplace and also in your smoker for the same reasons!

Happy smokin'
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I burn alot of oak for heat, and apple,muhlberry, meskeet and cherry for a flavor. as they said oak burns clean, little to no smoke from it when burning hot
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I use oak for the heat also, then toss in hickory for the flavor.
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I have started using oak more, especially since I have 5 acres covered with it. I do mix some peach and pear wood in with it though.
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Nothin wrong with oak! A little milder than hickory or pecan but along the same lines (my opinion only) I usually mix with mullberry.
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Oak is great. I use oak or ash for smoking sausage.
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I use oak mixed with hickory
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Like Andy's a classic sausage smoke. It burns pretty hot and pretty clean. If yer doing beef, I'd toss in a bit of something else..I'd choose hickory- to augment the oak.
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What he said!
Not much flavor from Oak, add a lil mesquite for the flavor!
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I agree 100%

Oak is what lump is made from most of the time! Oak is good wood for alot of things, and making fire from it is one of its strong points. I fuel my stickburner with red oak, and like others have said, add friut woods or other tasty woods for adding some flavor!
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