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New from Hewitt, TX

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Hey guys I am from Hewitt, TX right outside Waco. I have been grilling for a while now but I have never tried any kind of slow cooking before. I am currently building/designing my outdoor kitchen that will have a gas and charcoal grill built in. So now I need to do something with the grill I have been using/modifying since high school. I want to make it into a smoker now since I don't really have room for it on my patio and selling it is not an option. I want to build a square fire box off the one side and the reason I joined here is I figured you guys might have some suggestions on building it. (how big, thick, any other advise)

Here's some pics:

And heres my Toyota because I'm a picture whore:

Later, Shawn
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Great pictures Shawn!! Welcome to the forum.
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Nice custom grill I like the tool theme. Is the stiff chain a backstop for the lid?

Welcome to the SMF!
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Thanks for the compliment. Yeah its a backstop but its soon to be a couple of wrenches criss-crossed since I never did really like the way the chain turned out. I have a toolbox drawer on order too for the shelf in the front. I wanted to put a bunch of old tools in it and maybe some nuts and bolts and other random stuff and pour that clear stuff in it that you see at some restaurants. I think its polyurethane but its real expensive.
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