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What do you consider the best charcoal for smoking meat?

Is Lump Charcoal the way to go or are briquettes better?

Is the Kingsford Charoal with Mesquite or Hickory any good or should I stay with the regular stuff?
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stay with the lump in my opinion. much less crap in it, will probably use more, but the taste is much better. use wood for your flavor, not the sawdust that they put in with the briquettes.
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(QFE = Quoted For Emphisis)
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What they say!!
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Apple/Cherry WOOD
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lump by all means! charcoal briquettes are meant for grilling. i do use one charcoal chimney to preheat my smoker but thats it! briquettes make tons of ash compared to natural charcoal. As for Kingsford, i cant stand the stuff. burns hot and fast. its useless after 45 minutes. I prefer Royal Oak briquettes in the briquette world. and thats when i teach my Dutch oven classes. I prefer to grill and smoke with natural charcoal hands down.
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I use the Royal Oak Lump exclusively. (Thanks to the good members of this forum). Briquetes are the hot dogs of the charcoal world. They add all kinds of chemicals and incindieries (sp?) to make them light easier.
Go Natural!!

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Personally, I'm a lump charcoal user but know others that use briquettes due to the heat factor that lump produces. If you're interested in purchasing lump and are not sure what kind, here's a thread that has some reviews from SMF members, on lump charcoal:

Good luck!
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