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curve ball

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well i was thrown a curve ball this weekend i went to my cabin and when i got there i was told......hey can you smoke a 2 chickens this weekend and i said sure ......but then i thought my smoke is at my house and then my wheels start turning in my head ......and i see the webber gas grill ......and i had wood chips in my truck i knew so this is what i did

my burners go crose long ways so i had to have the meat right over a burner so i covered the burners below the chickens wiht tin foil it worked pretty good other then the uneven temps in there i could of used a really small fan or soemthing idk
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good job, may we call you mcGyver?

you did well using what you had............
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yes i was very inpressed at the webber at how well it held its temp did better then my smoker dose ....i dint tuch it at all after she got up and going ....that grill is the best grill we have ever had is is 14 years old lol
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Really nice looking birds, and props to the improvisation with your available stuff. Looks like you'll be called upon to smoke stuff wherever you go! biggrin.gif
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Good looking birds. Nice golden brown.
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Nice improv,birds look awsome ! But sumpin tells me there may be a new smoker at the cabin soon ? !
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and i did not ever have any rub or any thing to make one so i use the god of the grill seasoned salt .........lawrys and it was good ........but i dont think there is any thing it is not good on but i did not use a lot becouse of the salt
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Heh... hey it worked! Sweet!
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and i did not find a good thing to hold chips i made one i have never liked sealing up a foil pack and puting holes in it .....this worked really good for me
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