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My first pork Butt!!!

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This is my first pork butt and I think the best tasting thing so far, 12hour smoke with hickory and some oak, I did the mustard and Jeff rub, very nice
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You all are teaching me so much about this, Thanks to everyone!
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Good looking pork butt.
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Great job on your first butt, Vince!!! It's such a great feeling to have created something so yummy on that smoker, it just fuels the addiction of "what's to smoke next" biggrin.gif .

Props to ya on todays results!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great Vince. Congrads on your first butt.
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Looks great, Vinnie!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

But it looks like you made the same mistake I did when I did my first one . . . you only did one!!biggrin.gif

Trust me, when the leftovers are gone, you're gonna be planning to do at least two next time!! icon_smile.gif

Great job!!

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I was talking to my wife and said the same thing, You need to do more then one, Save on the cost of wood and Lump charcoal, But just learning make it hard to do allot all at once,

Thanks everyone
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Nice work. I only did one the first time also.
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Yeah, I hear ya! My wife loved my first (and only one so far) so she says I should have done two. The 5 pounder came out good. But if I had done 10 pounds and destroyed them, she probably would not have been too happy. biggrin.gif

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Vince it looks awesome congrats on the first of what I'm sure will be many!!!
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Congrats on your first butt. Looks like it turned out great. Next time think about filling that extra space with some ABT's or a fatty.
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I do need to do a fatty, or even a meatloaf of some kind.

Thanks everyone!
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Nice butt, Vinnie. Nice pic of Scott Kalitta. Very tragic.
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