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First Briskets

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Well I've been wanting to try a brisket so I figured I'd jump in with both feet and do 2 biggrin.gif . Using a modified Jeffs rub on one and a comercial rub I had laying around on the other. Also using mesquite for the first time. Here are a few pics to start off with.

Jeffs Rub

Other Rub

Off to the races at 7am.

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Looks great Dave
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Nice start NWS.
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Lookin sweeet!
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looks good Dave...........them just flats i take it?

what did you get em, weight wise?
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Thanks Dude. Yep, just flats. Both are a little over 5lbs. They sure filled up my little cooker though.

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4 hours in and all's well. Both are hanging out in the 140-145 range. The rain let up for the moment too. Bonus! biggrin.gif

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Northwet, it looks like you are well on your way to some good grub. Glad to see the rain isn't holding you back. The skies unloaded on my side of town yesterday afternoon for a good thirty minutes or so but I made it through, as you saw. Looks like you will as well. Can't wait to see the final product!
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Welcome to the brisket smoke club! biggrin.gif Definitely looks as if you were off to a great start and with the rain letting up, an added bonus. Hope the brisket turns out great!
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OK here we are at 9 hours. I'm getting a little frustrated because the temps are still at 150. I got these smaller flats (5lbs) hoping I could get em done in 10 hrs or so. If nothing happens soon I'm thinking about foiling them early to hopefully give them a kickstart. What do you all think about this idea. Will it hurt anything? Thanks for the advice.


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I would think foiling with liquid would be fine.
That's just me though.

Are you slicing or pulling?
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Thanks for the reply ronp, I'll be slicing. I've finally got some movement. up to 155-158 now. I bumped the temp up to 250 and that seemed to help. I'm going to go foil them now.

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I see you found a use for the Daily "O".....:-)
Looks Good!
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Your welcome you are fine now.

Hope they come out tender for you!
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Lookin good.
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Yeah Scott, that and starting my charcoal in the chimney are about the best uses I've found for the daily Zippo. wink.gif

Thanks again for the moral support ronp. 12 hours in and I'm at 180 and 172 in the foil. I think I'll pull them at 190. Another late Saturday night dinner biggrin.gif. These are smelling great so I think it's going to be worth the wait. I need to start getting up earlier for these long smokes I guess .

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Pulled one off at 193 about 30 minutes ago and the second one just hit 190. Things happen fast in the foil. This has been a learning experience for me dealing with the wind and rain up here today. Thanks for all the tips and support SMF members. I'll post up the final results after they rest in the cooler awhile.

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Northwet, looks like you are going to make it through all right after all. You put in your hard work today, got some good advice from the SMF, and now, all you have to do is wait and enjoy. I just finished a dinner of seconds from my brisket from yesterday. Best left overs I could ever hope for. I hope you have great first, seconds, thirds, etc...
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Yum, here are the results. They turned out a touch on the dry side so I've still got some work to do. Still pretty happy with the results of my first try though.

Holy smoke ring Batman!!!!

All in all a great day and good eats. I'm tired now and ready for a nap. Goodnight all!!!

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They look nice.. Way to hang with it.. I hate when things take longer then expected :(
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