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Going whole hog

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I know that this is not smoked but still good eats....

had to feed a crowd for a neiborhood graduation party, just cant bring myself to pushing burgers and dogs across a grill, just no chalange there and when it is all cooked all ya got is burgers and dogs

Nice 120lb porker
filled with
6 lb garlic
2 lb whole black pepper corn
3 lb kosher salt
1 lb dried onion flakes
3 whole fenel bulbs quartered
4 bunches fresh rosemary

membrain removed from rib section and all above stuffed into cavity and sewn shut with butcher twine

Cooked over Kingsford briquets for 9 hours till temp of 160 reached in front and rear quarters.

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Can't argue with the looks of that pig!! Nice job!!
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Very cool..........and you are right about the burgers and dogs. biggrin.gif
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That is making me drool all over my keyboard.....gorgeous!

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In my book, that's smoked pig. Sure, you could have sped things up and/or infussed more smoke into the product by inclosing or covering it, but IMHO you cooked a pig over smoke and that's smoking.

Looks great.
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That looks awesome and looks like a nice rig to get him looking so good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hey Beerman! How long has that piggy been on in that pic?? More Qview pleeez!

BTW...Im with TN BBQ. That's smoked pig!
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The piggy has been on for about 8 hours there

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That sure does look good :)......mmmm hungry
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Great looking piggy - nice setup too. Really wish there was a section for pig roasting here, like to try it this fall after harvest time. Boy this bbqing is addicting!
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Mmmm, lookin good!
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can you cut a small sample off of
the rear 1/4 and sent it to me?
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Pig Roasting Section


Check out the section called "Catering and Large Group Gatherings". You will find a lot of info about cooking a whole hog. Especially look at posts by Cowgirl. She's a pro at it! I did one, thanks to her, and it turned out great!

Hey Beer_man,

Nice looking pig! I'm sure the neighborhood appreciates it more than hamburgers and hotdogs too!
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