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advise needed

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my first cooker was a home made trash can, now ive got a sears cabinet style, the smoker in all is much easier to control yet my bbys were tough as nails, may be just getting use to the new devise but could use some recaps on the basic time and temp to have the meat fall off the bone
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Try the the 2-2-1 method info on this site.

Good luck.

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the 2-2-1 method is great advice!! after a few tries you can adjust the times .... this is a guide!

also make sure the thermometer your using is accurate!! most stock ones run from30-40 to over 100 degrees off....
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you have got very good advise so far, just wondering what you did, when you cooked them,, times, temp, did you foil them ?

other than that ron and busted luck have hit it right on the head
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i used apple chips, 220 according to the stock thermometer, my digital one had a nervous breakdown, dry rubbed with a rub from the smokin spice book i got, smoked for 3 hrs spritzed with rum/apple juice, foiled for 1.5 or so, not to sure cuz by that time the rest of the rum found its way in to my glass, unrapped no smoke for an hour or so and painted with sauce. i think the bad gauge idea had a lot to do with it now that i look back.
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I'd agree with the smoker thermometer being the problem.
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I use an oven thermometer and put it on the grate where my meat goes for the most accurate reading. Makes more sense to get a reading on the gate rather than from the top of a lid or the side of a cooker. Then you can compare the temps. When my lid gauge reads 300 the gauge on the grate is about 225-250. Before using my oven therm. and going by the lid gauge at 225 I was only cooking at 185PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif and wondering why the hell stuff was not coming out right and taking so long to cook. Hope that helps out a bit.
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Heres a little trick I use to test ribs when I am not sure of thermometer. I use a toothpick, insert it into the meat and if it goes thru like going thru butter you are there. If you feel a little resistance let cook a little longer. Depending on resistance ya might wanna check in at 15 minutes intervals as to not over cook them.
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problem was the thermometer, too much rum for daddy and not enough attention payed to the 221 method, i had to work the 4rth so i took my 9 year old son and the smoker to the shop and we made the best ribs ive ever tasted in the state of NH, thats not saying too much but the fact that justin opened the smokin spice book found a rub made it and tended the smoker for most of the day. the smoke ring was like none i've ever seen. we're gona try a butt sunday. thanx guys
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Get loads of beer and do what they tell ya ta do here.
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