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pepper wood????

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my parents have a pepper corn tree and cut some logs off of it. so i was wondering if i can use this wood????????????????????? i was wondering if it would add a nice peppery flavor? so whats the rule for wood whats good to use and what to stay away from.
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Better do a Google search and report back.....
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You can grow Peppercorns in the States?
If so, your Parents MUST live in a HOT area.
That's wild man.
I suppose - if it doesn't give off toxic smoke - which I wouldn't expect, it'd be great flavor !

Good Luck
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we are in ca and they are allover here, they are red pepper corn trees. they are mostly ornamental.
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I don't know if this is the tree you are asking about but, if it's a Brazilian Pepper then do NOT put it in a smoker. The sap is like poision ivy to some people. We have them all over my area of Florida, we are trying to get rid of them. Here's a link with a better explanation.

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thanks that's the tree. mine is a lot bigger
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You may of just saved a life. Rickandtaz Good Job
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Glad I checked here first.  Was about to give it a try

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